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Amanda McLoughlin (Co-Host, Producer)

Amanda is a business advisor and longtime creator. She and Julia grew up on Long Island reading sci-fi and learning technical theater. Amanda has a video blog, runs a resume editing and career counseling business, and serves as a Community Manager at the Internet Creators Guild. She lives in Queens, New York.


Julia Schifini (Co-Host, Producer)

Julia is a cheesemonger by day and historian by night. She first became interested in mythology back in elementary school, where she and Amanda would spend recess creating board games about Greek goddesses. Julia holds degrees in history and religious studies, and lives on Long Island, New York.


Eric Schneider (Editor, Producer)

Eric is a professional editor and videographer. He was an early member of the YouTube community, and has been listening to podcasts and producing web video ever since. In addition to editing Spirits, he guest stars from time to time, including “Tailypo: The Sphinx of West Virginia” and "Krampus." He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.