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Description: Spirits is a history and comedy podcast about mythology, folklore, and urban legends. Each week we pour a drink and dive into a new story from around the world. With over two million downloads and a dedicated weekly audience of 20,000 listeners, we are just getting started!

Mission Statement: To better understand ourselves and the world by examining the stories human beings tell one another throughout the ages. 

Our Values: We are an independent podcast, a passion project started in late 2016 by three friends. As active members of the podcasting community, we frequently collaborate with our peers and publish resources on how to create great podcasts. We are also committed to diversifying our medium by amplifying voices from marginalized communities on our show, on social media, and with projects like #PodGalentine. We are always trying to do better.  

Our Peers: For more podcasts like us, check out the other shows in the internet's best production collective: Multitude. We are active members of the Audio Drama community, contributing writers to the Bello Collective, and frequent recommenders of new podcasts on Twitter.

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Our Team

Created by: Amanda McLoughlin, Julia Schifini, Eric Schneider

Hosts: Amanda McLoughlin, Julia Schifini (plus Eric Schneider on our monthly Your Urban Legends episodes)

Designer: Allyson Wakeman (@allysonkate)

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Amanda McLoughlin (Co-Host, Producer)

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Amanda is a business advisor and longtime internet creator. She and Julia grew up on Long Island reading sci-fi and learning technical theater. Amanda has a video blog, a D&D podcast, and runs a resume editing and career counseling business. She is a full-time podcaster with Multitude and lives in Queens, New York.

Julia Schifini (Co-Host, Producer)

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Julia is a writer, historian, voice actor, and lover of all things creepy and cool. She first became interested in mythology back in elementary school, where she and Amanda spent recess creating trading cards for Greek gods. Julia holds degrees in history and religious studies, and lives on Long Island, New York. You can hear her act on Tides and What's the Frequency.

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Eric Schneider (Editor, Producer)

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Eric is a professional editor and videographer. He was an early member of the YouTube community, and has been listening to podcasts and producing web video ever since. He edits Spirits, Waystation and the ICG Creator Chat, and lives in Cleveland, Ohio.


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Selected Press Mentions

Featured in publications like Wired, Buzzfeed, and the A.V. Club, Spirits has been named a Best Podcast of 2017, Best Mythology Podcast, and Best Podcast for Curious Minds.
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