Flash Forward

We speak with Flash Forward creator Rose Eveleth about cosmic witches, Puritan panic, and numerology in "The Witch Who Came from Mars."

Loose Canon

On every episode of Loose Canon, host Caroline Fulford discusses a great movie not typically included in the "film canon." We reviewed the classic film She's the Man (down with the gender binary!) and got really excited about historical broship in the movie 1776.


We accompany Mike Schubert as he reads the Harry Potter books for the first time on Potterless. Hear Amanda's take on Chamber of Secrets Chapters 1-6 & Chapters 7-10, and Prisoner of Azkaban Chapters 1-5 & Chapters 6-8; and Julia's take on Prisoner of Azkaban Chapters 17-18 & 19-21.


Small Town Horror

Julia takes a trip to the psych ward as a guest actor on the always creepy, always cool Small Town Horror podcast.